Emilio Alpanseque

A 5th Level Wushu Master certified by the Chinese Wushu Association and co-author of Mastering Wushu. He is a former Spanish National Team Member, a qualified Judge and frequent writer for KungFuMagazine.com, as well as other publications. He is the founder and head instructor of East Bay Wushu.


Gene Ching

The Publisher of KungFuMagazine.com, former Publisher of Kung Fu Tai Chi magazine and the author of Shaolin Trips . He is the author of hundreds of articles and DVDs. He is layman disciple of Shaolin Temple, a former member of the AAU U.S. Kung Fu team, as well as a certified Provost Master of Fencing.


Bryant Fong

The head coach and co-founder of the San Francisco Wushu Team. He is a pioneering force behind U.S. Wushu, and is also well-versed in Tai Chi, Northern Shaolin and Tibetan White Crane. He oversees U.C. Berkeley’s Chinese Martial Arts Tournament and teaches both at U.C. Berkeley and City College of San Francisco.


Dr. Johnny Jang

A leading Bay Area Master of Chinese Internal Martial Arts including Tai Chi, Bagua, Xingyi and Liuhe Bafa. He is also well-versed in Southern Shaolin and Aikibudo. He is a former national champion and has served as an Internal Style Head Judge at numerous S.F. Bay Area tournaments.


Jeff Lin

A leading Bay Area Master of Chinese Tai Chi and Internal Arts. He is a former Tai Chi Champion and has served as Tai Chi & Internal judge at numerous Bay Area tournaments

Jonny Oh

The President of Tiger Claw – The Masters’ Choice for Martial Art Gear


Liu Yu

A former member of the Jiangsu Province Professional Wushu Team, former U.S. Wushu Team coach, and the author of her autobiographical book, Awakening the Sleeping Tiger: The True Story of a Professional Chinese Athlete. She is the founder and head instructor of the Wushu Taichi Center.